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Dragon Ball Z Complete 291 Episodes 40 DVD Box Set Bonus

$599.99  $99.99
Save: $500.00 (83% off)

Dragon Ball Z is the long-running sequel to the anime Dragon Ball. The series is a close adaptation of the second (and far longer) portion of the Dragon Ball manga written and drawn by Akira Toriyama (in the United States, the manga's second portion is also titled Dragon Ball Z to prevent confusion). The 'Z' was originally added to the title by Toriyama to signify it as being the ending portion of the Dragon Ball series. The 'Z' does not literally stand for anything. The anime features characters, situations, and backstories not present in the original manga. Those portions are considered non-canon by some fans.

The series follows the adventures of the adult Son Goku who, along with his companions, defend the Earth against various villains. While the original Dragon Ball anime followed Goku through childhood into adulthood, Dragon Ball Z is a continuation of his adulthood life, but at the same time parallels the maturation of his son, Gohan. The separation between the series is also significant as the latter series takes on a more dramatic and serious tone.

The anime first premiered in Japan on April 18, 1989 (on Fuji TV) at 7:00 p.m. and ended on January 31, 1996. In the U.S., the series ran between 1996 and 2003, though not always on the same networks or with continuity of dubbing. It aired in the UK, albeit with the same dubbing problem, on Cartoon Network, premiering on March 6, 2000 and running until 2002, with the final few episodes being shown on CNX starting from October 14, 2002 and finishing on February 28, 2003. The channel then relaunched as Toonami, on which it was repeated daily.

After Dragon Ball Z, the story of Son Goku and friends continues in the anime-only series Dragon Ball GT. This series is not based on a manga by Akira Toriyama.

Toriyama's humor/parody manga Neko Majin Z features several concepts introduced in Dragon Ball Z (several Dragon Ball Z characters even make various appearances), but that manga is designed as a parody and not a true continuation of the series.

Toei Sagas
Saiyan Saga (Episodes 1~35); 1989 - 1990
Freeza Saga (Episodes 36~125); 1990 - 1991
Cell Saga (Episodes 126~199); 1991 - 1993
Buu Saga (Episodes 200~291); 1993 - 1996

FUNimation Sagas
Saiyan Saga:

The Vegeta Saga (Episodes 1~35)

Freeza Saga:
The Namek Saga (Episodes 36~67)
The Captain Ginyu Saga (Episodes 68~74)
The Freeza Saga (Episodes 75~107)
The Garlic Junior Saga (Episodes 108~117)

Cell Saga:
The Trunks Saga (Episodes 118~125)
The Androids Saga (Episodes 126~139)
The Imperfect Cell Saga (Episodes 140~152)
The Perfect Cell Saga (Episodes 153~165)
The Cell Games Saga (Episodes 166~194)

Buu Saga:
The Great Saiyaman Saga (Episodes 195~209)
The World Tournament Saga (Episodes 210~219)
The Babidi Saga (Episodes 220~231)
The Majin Buu Saga (Episodes 232~253)
The Fusion Saga (Episodes 254~275)
The Kid Buu Saga (Episodes 276~291)

  • Format: NTSC format All Region Code, Region FREE, could be played at any DVD player!
  • Conditions: Brand New sealed in factory box
  • Number of DVD: 40
  • Language : Japanese
  • Audio: Japanese (This set has original Japanese audio, no English audio, but has English subtitles, see here for English audio set)
  • Subtitles : English/Chinese
  • Japanese collector's edition. Some Japanese characters on covers

This is the official Japanese release collector's DVD box set. You will never again see the recordings of the original Dragon Ball Z DVDs presented in such a comprehensive manner, and in such a low price. Complete 291 (NOT 276) episodes included for hours of fun and enjoyment. A have to have for all fans.

NOTE: USA release of this show only has 276 Episodes, which is edited and cut from the original Japanese show, click here for the USA release.

This set has 291 episodes, complete, uncut, unedited.

Bonus: Dragon Ball Z Side Story DVD is included as a bonus, completely free!

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